I would say that most of you have heard my rants about CDs already. Basically, there are pros and cons to the digital format. The major con for me is that you’re actually getting less music than you get with analog recordings. On a record, you’re hearing the full sound wave. On a CD, you’re hearing a sampling of points along that wave. Some people claim that the difference is indistinguishable to the human ear, but I don’t buy it. Ezra and I tested out this theory when my parents came to visit one time. He has a jazz album on vinyl and CD. So, we listened to the same track on both the vinyl and the CD. The vinyl sounded much richer, and we could actually hear things that we didn’t notice on the CD. If you take care of your vinyl and have decent equipment (especially a decent needle), vinyl just sounds better than CDs, period.

I also like the substantial physical qualities of records. I love album covers and “secret” messages written in the vinyl. The presence of records is really appealing (in many senses of the word “presence,” I guess).

I guess that I want to revere the physical casings of my music. I don’t want to just toss my music around carelessly. That devalues it (no wonder I feel like I should be paying about $4 for a CD, not $18).

Well, I could probably go on, but you get the idea. I need one of those Save the LP buttons.