Vonnegut schtick almost worth reading

I’ve kind of had a thing against Kurt Vonnegut since… I guess since I realized he was full of crap, which was about when I was 18. So imagine my surprise to find this little kick in the pants he penned kind of amusing. Sure, he’s still full of crap, and he’s really just re-phrasing the same lazy misanthropy he’s been peddling for 50 years now, but it somehow suddenly seems a little fresher.

One thought on “Vonnegut schtick almost worth reading”

  1. There is something sort of simplistic about Vonnegut, but I think he’d readily admit that and say that’s a part of the point. Anyway, though Ezra can be a grumbly old grumbler, I seem to remember him liking Slaughterhouse Five. Sometimes it’s useful to step back and embrace a little of the simplicity of view that you had in adolescence. It wasn’t all wrong. Some of the complications you get later on are valid–and some are just crap fogging up the water.

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