Welcome to Somerville

impaled headThis house just off Holland Street had a mannequin head impaled on a weathervane spike for many years, dating back to the very earliest days of the Terri and Ezra Show– in fact, before there even was a Terri and Ezra show pilot.

So it was with some sadness that when we became landowning citizens of Somerville last year that we noticed that the head no longer was impaled on its spiky home. So, imagine our happines earlier this summer when we saw the return of the impaled head. We don’t think it’s the same head. But to some extent, an impaled mannequin head is an impaled mannequin head, right?

impaled head

The other “Welcome to Somerville” photo I’d like to present is of a unicycle and a two-seat running stroller in front of the Someday Cafe. I think it speaks for itself.

The Someday has come back into favor with us. I had all but given up on it sometime in about 1998 or 1999. I just couldn’t take the grunginess and the awful music (AC/DC, Kiss, etc.) that the omnipresent long-haired baristo insisted on blasting at conversation-imparing levels. Sometime when I wasn’t looking (read: sometime when we lived in Cambridge), the Someday became a stealth Toscanini’s. Toscanini’s as I’ve mentioned before has hands down the best espresso drinks in the Boston area. Plus, now, the Someday sells Tosci’s ice cream. The vibe is different than the vibe of the overt Toscis; it has kind of a wacko grungy unapologetically 90′s vibe, but my own vibe is sort of unapologetically 90′s, and they’ve dropped the metal, so things are very good between me and the Someday.

Also, someday I hope to have a unicycle.