Aliens and Children

This website has original drawings made by children who are abducted by aliens. It includes drawings of aliens, alien spacecraft, alien hybrids, children being abducted by aliens, and the things aliens do to children.”

One thought on “Aliens and Children”

  1. The drawings of aliens and how the children are treated by aliens are authentic. There is nothing fake on the website. I will show the drawings to any qualfied investigator and I can introduce the investigator to the mother and children.

    All of the information on is real.

    It takes me almost four hours to make a thought screen helmet. I have mada about 50 so far. The mother and children have several helmets as well as baseball hats and cloth hats for wearing to school. They received all of the hats for free from me. I made them with my own materials. Nothing was sold.

    Michael Menkin
    aliens and children

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