Terri’s Globe fashion shoot

Look in tomorrow’s Boston Globe magazine for Terri’s picture!

We were walking down Newbury Street this afternoon. Terri was wearing some funky red and black striped socks and the pointy boots she saw in Prague and bought in Vienna. A woman came up to us and said “I’m not a stalker, I’m a fashion photographer for the Globe. I’m looking for people with funky socks. Can I take your picture?”

3 thoughts on “Terri’s Globe fashion shoot”

  1. Go Socks, indeed! Supercool.

    Oh, and Joe Buck was my brother’s roommate in college for a year. Such an ass. I remember his asking me why I gave my brother a Thelonious Monk album when “that guy keeps hitting all these wrong notes.”

  2. Looks like my Globe Magazine fashion debut might be next week. This week it was all about tweeds, I’m told.

  3. Good story about Joe Buck! I’m actually impressed he went to college; he looks like Mattell just pressed him out of plastic.

    And yes, this week’s Globe Magazine fashion-on-the-street bit was about tweed, not socks. We didn’t actually have the presence of mind to ask when this was going to be in, so, really it could be anytime; I think we just sort of assumed it would be in the Globe Magazine thing.

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