Dispatch from Toscanini’s

Terri and I are currently sitting at Tosci’s in Central Squaree after walking from home to Davis Square (all 3 coffee shops (Someday, Diesel, Carberry’s) were full) then to Porter Square (Simon’s Cafe was full), then to Harvard Square (we didn’t even try).

We have plans afoot. Big plans, which may involve you!

Everything smells like November. That lovely thing I’m drinking is Toscanini’s amazing Hot Vanilla. It’s super super rich. I limit myself to two a year. One in November, and one in February.

For Terri’s birthday, we went to dinner at Upstairs on the Square; it was excellent. I haven’t been there since it stopped being Upstairs at the Pudding. Guess what kind of soup she had? That’s right. Turnip. I had something that was Italian for “Chicken under a brick”, which, as it sounds, was baked under a chunk of Cambridge’s favorite construction material.

Mixed feelings about Schilling

yankees and curt schilling both suck!

It’s hard for most people in these parts to stomach that Schilling helped us win the World Series, and then started campaigning for Bush. Saw this grafitti in Harvard Square last night.