Track 7

One of the things I like about iTunes is the ability to create “smart playlists”, which are basically just filters on any piece of metadata that iTunes keeps for a song, but they show up in your playlist. Apple gives you “60′s Music” and “My Top Rated” and a few others as starters. I created one for “recently added” so that I can easily listen to things that I’ve just put into my library within the past few days.

My smart playlist of the day is the “Track 7″ playlist, which just plays songs which are the 7th track on their original album. Back in the days of the Doug, Marco, and Ezra morning radio show, we used to do that when we were being too lazy (or half-awake) to decide what to play on the show. It was our “Lucky 7″ feature: we’d play 7 track 7s. I’m sure at least one of the Crawfordsville High kids that listened to us thought it was clever. Then again, maybe not.