Still in Providence

Barf. We’re batting 0 for our last 2 attempts at getting on a plane. We left Boston at 2:30pm for a 6pm flight, and didn’t pull into the Providence airport until 5:40. Needless to say, we missed the flight. It usually takes an hour and a half, and we did allow ourselves some extra time for heavy traffic.

Sooooo, it being the heaviest travel day of the year, the next flight was basically not until 6:05am. After 3 hours in the car (part of which was spent on the phone to US Airways to see if they had any advice about what we’d do if we missed our flight) and a frantic 20 minutes trying to get onto a plane we basically knew we couldn’t get on, it was almost a relief to just be able to relax for 12 hours.

So here we are, at the Comfort Inn, watching BBC America. It’s some show with Judi Dench. We had basically no intention of driving back to Boston, and then driving back at 3am.

The first pleasant surprise of the misadventure was that we ran into some friends in the Providence airport, who we’ve been meaning to track down and invite to our holiday party, en route to their Thanksgiving destination. The second was that we have free wireless in the hotel courtesy of my company, which has recently joined this iPass thing which is some sort of multiple-sign-on to a variety of wireless networks. So I get to blog about not making the flight. Yee ha!