The French Connection

Just watched it. Somehow it ended up at the top of our Netflix queue, so it just showed up one day. I guess I expected to be more impressed. It was basically an action movie. Definitely more clever cinematically than, say Lethal Weapon or something. But still, not a whole lot besides people running after each other on the street or in cars in 1970′s New York.

Speaking of Netflix, they’ve added some neat features like friend lists and household profiles (So, if any of my paltry readership is a Netflix subscriber and wants to be a buddy, lemme know). Stilll, my biggest ongoing disappointment with Netflix is their limited selection. It’s not as pathetic as Blockbuster, but it can’t even touch our local, Hollywood Express. I was expecting a more Amazon-like comprehensive catalog with a web-based rental service. It’s sadly not the case. We might be better off just getting a Tivo and sucking everything off TCM.