Yesterday, we hit the outlet malls of Kittery, Maine, and had dinner in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They’re lliterally 5 minutes away from each other, and only an hour north of here. While we were there, it started to snow, as you can see in the picture to the left, of Terri in front of the Portsmouth Brewery. The Brewery is one of the many Portsmouth sites of early Terri & Ezra show festivities.

Terri took these two pictures with my camera while we were at Uncommon Grounds, right in the main town square.

It was snowing hard enough that driving back was a bit slow going, even on the interstate. But it was very cold and swirling and pretty.


Yesterday at about noon, people were protesting in front of the church which is diagonally across the street from us. Now, maybe I’m being dense, but I had absolutely no idea who was protesting and exactly what they were trying to say. The only thing that was pretty clear was that the protesters with the biggest banner were opposed to Israel’s wall. Beyond that, I couldn’t tell if there was more than one group of protesters, whether they were from the church or against the church, whether the people with the people with the palestinian flag and the people with the Israeli flag were on the same side (maybe, we support both political entities, but we’re just against the wall), and whether it was Israel or Palestine which are really terrorists.

I do know that the protesters are the probable cause of the big accident between an SUV and a sedan at the big intersection we live at. That was what alerted us to our existence in the first place, when we looked out the window to see what the big crashing noise was. So, I guess they were successful in commanding the full attention of the traffic passing by.

Lost Post

Bugger. I lost my brilliant post about Paul Harvey and the plate of shrimp due to a screw-up with w.bloggar, the blog client that I use to write my posts. Totally my screw-up, not w.bloggar’s. Time to start doing backups!