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church across street in blizzardThe only photo I managed to get of the blizzard in progress that was halfway decent was this one. The snow isn’t really sticking to anything because it’s too windy. But it’s drifted to about a foot deep on the sidewalk, and if the forecasts are to be trusted, we’re only about 1/5 of the way into this.

Letterpress Things

Terri and I went to Letterpress Things in Chicopee, Mass. today. Very glad we did. The owner/operator John Barrett was a gracious host and easily spent over an hour teaching us about the basics of printing and the basic things we need. As I suspected, I have almost all I need to get started, and he gave me some good leads on where to find the things he doesn’t stock, or, like rollers, that are harder to find.

His space is a floor of an old paper factory, and he has dozens of old presses, and all sorts of various equipment that he’s purchased from closing print shops. But the big attraction is definitely John’s storehouse of information and his interest in helping newbies like myself.

Unfortunately, the snow started a little earlier than expected, and we had to head back home before we managed to get to Lenox, Mass., to go to the yarn shop Terri wanted to go to. Well, there will be other trips to Western Mass. in the near future, I’m guessing.

The ride back was another pretty snowy drive; not as bad as our snowy trip back from Portsmouth last week. But it was also quite pretty.