The Myth of The Run

From the Sunday Globe Ideas section (which I’m reading online, given the blizzard has made paper delivery impossible): “the conventional wisdom about establishing the run turns out to be a classic case of misinterpreting cause and effect…. Even if you don’t get too many yards on the ground early, say most analysts, winning teams need to keep running to wear the defense down.” Still, isn’t this kind of obvious? Baseball has so much more opportunity to mis-interpret numbers, or to find new significant numbers. I guess it’s why it’s been keeping me coming back for the past few years, and football hasn’t.

The Printers Guide

The Printer's Guide

Among the documentation that I have with my press is The Printer’s Guide, published by The (defunct since 1990) Kelsey Company of Meriden, Connecticut. You may have guessed by now that I very much aspire to be the guy in the bowtie with the pipe.

It’s from a different world: “…good results can easily be obtained by following these directions. If you have any difficulty, write to us explaining the trouble fully and clearly” (page 4).