Welcome to Somerville, part 2: Sligo’s

Apparently there’s bill afoot to repeal the smoking ban in bars which make less than 10% of their income from food. The bill is doomed, and hardly worthy of notice, but the story in the Somerville Times is worth it all for this quote:

“I feel like the tips of my fingers are going to freeze and fall off. It’s colder than my ex-wife’s heart out here and, believe me, that’s pretty damn cold. That woman could turn her back on the baby Jesus and step over Mother Teresa’s dead body without missing a beat” said Michael Sindoni, a Sligo’s regular, who wholeheartedly supports Senator Shannon’s proposal.

Health concerns are not a good enough reason to ban smoking in a bar like Sligo’s, said Sindoni.

“If you’re in Sligo’s you ain’t worried about your health. I’ve seen a lot of things in this world but one thing I will never see is a person boozing in Sligo’s and complaining about second hand smoke,” said Sindoni before heading back into the pub to finish his drink.

Welcome to Somerville. Now, I swear I read something in The New Yorker just after his death about Daniel Patrick Moynihan frequenting Sligo’s while he taught at Harvard. I couldn’t have made that up, but I can’t find it now.


Duh, sort of. Thanks to the comments in this post on Accordion Guy’s blog, I’ve realized the word I was looking for last week is synchronicity. Which I knew.

But I still think what I’m getting at is a little different. Synchronicity is broader: it can be any coincidence. What I’m talking about is the sudden recurring mention or appearance of the same person, place, thing, or idea. Synchronicity, if you buy the whole Jungian schtick, is also meaningful and more or less implies some kind of intentionality in the universe. What I’m talking about can be uncanny, but not necessary meaningful. It’s a specific kind of coincidence.

Also, my idea has nothing to do with Sting.