Slowly heading East

After spending several days on my parents’ farm south of Pittsburgh, this afternoon we started the eastward return trip, pausing here in State College to spend the night.

It’s unseasonably warm here in Pennsylvania, highs in the 50′s and 60′s, and the drive was exceptionally beautiful, especially in the mountains on I-99. We were hauling my Kelsey Excelsior Model U printing press and many many cases of type and printing gear, which I was very happy we were able to fit into the Civic. I’m pretty excited to be reunited with the press, and its full story will be told in full later. I plan to do fun things with it in 2005, as soon as I manage to figure out where I can get some rollers.

As we’re starting to head home, my only regret is in failing to see more people while we’ve been in Pennsylvania. Due to time constraints, suboptimal scheduling, or other factors, we managed to see very little of the Pittsburgh posse or my cousins.