The Importance of Being Ezra

Maureen’s post about being the only Maureen Passmore couldn’t be more timely.

As long as I’ve been around, I’ve pretty much been the only Ezra I know. Tonight we had dinner with Simi, my very good friend from my high school, and her significant other, yes, Ezra. It being an uncommon name, I haven’t built up the psychological equipment necessary to hear the word which is my name without instantly equating it with me. Also, not being in the habit of talking to myself, what’s really weird is saying it out loud. I always think it just sounds funny coming out of my own mouth, even when I’m just introducing myself or answering the phone. When it’s coming out of my mouth to address someone else, it’s super weird.

I have known of other Ezras, but I’ve rarely had to have much interaction with them. The one other Ezra who affected my life in any significant way was a fellow “camper” at CTY, who apparently had a reputation for being a little weird. People would say “Oh, you’re actually really nice. Everybody says you’re a freak,” and I’d have to point out that they must have been hearing about the other Ezra. I never really met that Ezra, but years later I met his sister, and got along with her well (she was indeed weird herself, but in an intentional, self-conscious kind of way– she would open conversations saying “Life is but a prelude to death, and all that we dream of lies beyond. I pray that you die young.”)

Anyway, It was very good to see Simi again after many years, and the new Ezra seems swell. (And yes, I’m only saying that because I know you’re reading this, Simi. Ha!).

Incidentally, Simi was also in the production of The Importance of Being Earnest I mentioned earlier this month.

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  1. Life is but a prelude… Yes, Ezra has had some pretentious friends! :) But I guess a lot of young smartass types act like that (I’m sure I have).

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