Welcome to Earth, Colin Douglas Stuart

My friends Doug & Tara are parents! I was barely used to the idea of them expecting a baby, and now I’m in disbelief all over again. They’ll be good parents.

Doug was always almost weirdly good with kids. It’s not a trait you usually discover in your college friends. But there was this one time we were tossing a frisbee. In a nearby parking lot, some little kids were running around; they seemed to be picking on this one kid and knocked him down. Doug quietly excused himself from our frisbee circle, went over to the kids, broke it up, produced a Snoopy band-aid from his coat, and talked to the knocked-down kid for a while. I feel like I’m remembering all the details wrong, but it impressed me; the rest of us were sort of doing our own thing and hardly noticed the fracas. Doug not only noticed, but did way more than the right thing.

Anyway, congratulations to the new parents, and congratulations to the new sprout who’s lucky enough to have great parents who come equipped with Snoopy band-aids.

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  1. I saw it, too. As someone who was bullied as a kid, I can appreciate this special quality of Doug’s perhaps all the more. Happy birthday, Colin.

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