Terri took me to The Enormous Room. They don’t seem to have their own web site, so I’m giving my meager pagerank to the Globe review over the Phoenix review mainly because the Phoenix reviewer was clueless enough to complain about the punctuation of the menu when the place’s very name is an e.e. cummings reference. You’d expect someone in Cambridge to catch that…

Anyway, it was very dark and we lounged on carpets with cushy pillows while some random stuff was projected on a screen on the side wall. There was a live DJ, and the food was very good. Something about the vibe reminded me of Barcelona, and it wasn’t just the presence of patatas bravas and tortilla on the menu. I just had a few glasses of wine, and two days later, I am still vaguely hungover. What is up with that? Is my body reminding me that I’m getting old?

I also had many well-wishes from friends and family during the day. It’s nice to be remembered. I think it helps to have the groundhog for a reminder.

Kinky Friedman for governor

Kinky Friedman, of Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys, is running for governor of Texas.

“We’re Number One in executions and we’re Number 49 in funding public education,” Friedman said, and then later told the crowd he’s for nondenominational prayer in public schools.

“What’s wrong with a kid believing in something?” he asked.

An animal lover, Friedman vowed to outlaw the declawing of cats and promised to appoint singer and well-known marijuana smoker Willie Nelson as head of the Texas Rangers.

PS: I’ve changed this entry because I decided to spell “governor” right.