Some letterpress links

Since I still don’t have all the equipment necessary to get the press up and in service, I am keeping myself busy with various surrogates. I spent some time this morning rearranging the space in the basement I’m putting the press for now. Still need some better lighting, but that’s for another day. Went to Paper Source this afternoon for inspiration.

And I’ve just spend some time poking around the web for some letterpress links, which I post below. Apparently, Somerville is home to the Firefly Press, which has no website, but Elsa Dorfman’s site has a page for them, with a video.

I like some of the stuff at Isle of Printing.

I’m interested in the photopolymer process as a way to design stuff digitally and get cuts made. It seems better than metal for a variety of reasons (namely, durability, non-toxicity (well, take your pick between weird photo-chemicals and lead…), and storage (they’re way thinner than metal blocks)). Having limited space, storage is actually my primary concern. Boxcar Press seems to have the best explanation of photopolymer engraving I’ve found on the web. Seems pricey to get them to do it, though. I’m sure there’s a cheaper supplier, but as I’m learning, it seems like a lot of the printing world is either web-invisible, or outright web-hostile.