They’ll need a Crane

crane's beachThe Dark Mistress of All Things Dub and I went to Crane’s beach in Ipswitch yesterday. Gorgeous, gorgeous weather. We did a lot of walking and photosnapping around the dunes.

I’ve never really found a beach that I feel like is my beach, but Crane’s Beach was very nice. I don’t know what it’s like in the summer, but the beach itself was beautiful, and on the walking trails through the dunes, we hardly saw another soul. A notable exception was the couple with the golden retriever that called out to us from a fair distance “does this trail go to the beach?” We weren’t entirely sure how far it was, but I was at the top of a pretty big hill, and it looked to be a mile or so away. I called back that I didn’t know, but it was in that direction. The woman huffed and said “yeah, we know” and turned and started walking away. I think golden retrievers are beautiful dogs, and I feel bad for them, because so many people I see with golden retrievers seem like completely shallow shits. The kind of people who get mad that the beach isn’t closer.

Home Opener, 2005

The ring ceremony was nice, it was nice to trounce the Yankees, but how about those fans? While most of the Yankees got booed on introduction, as you’d expect, they actually cheered Mariano Rivera (who our batters have really beat up on lately, “lately” including the illustrious end of last season), they cheered for Joe Torre (for the right reasons), and then, in the eight inning, they cheered when A-Rod finally cleanly fielded a ball that came to him (after bobbling or missing about three plays). Oh, the wonderful blend of snark and class that is Fenway. Can’t wait until our first game!