Some days I think she’s great. Some days I think she sucks. Today, I think she’s great for three things. 1) Arguing for close reading & self-contained art 2) declaring war on literary theory 3) this quote:

Stop preaching to the choir all the time. You should start thinking about addressing the mass of the country thats voting the opposite. Thats your audience, too. And until you get that breadth of imagination, to try to put things in terms that are understandable to those who dont agree with you, not just those who agree with you, you’re lost.

(Hm, are you noticing a trend with my quotes for the day?)

One thought on “Camille”

  1. I think this is a huge problem with our country right now. I think the divisions just get bigger and bigger the more people preach to the choir. Really good persuasion is getting lost in “spin.”

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