Harvard madness

Please help your Chinese colleagues learn the truthWeird goings on in Harvard Square today. Slightly weirder than normal at least. I went to pick up some photo boxes from Bob Slate to house the piles of photos that are lying around our house, and have reached critical mass with the new slew of France photos Terri got developed yesterday. It seemed to be prospective student day at Harvard; I saw many who had that special kind of obliviousness that tells me they are Harvard undergrad material. You can tell by the way they talk without the ability that most people have to gauge the volume at which they’re speaking. I bet I could write some AI software that detects this quality and sell it to Harvard admissions. I’ll have to file that one away in my special Harebrained Business Plans file.

Between there and Million Year Picnic, where I went to pick up the new Berlin (and ended up with a few other goodies), I ran into some Falun Gong. Nothing too weird there, though they were a little more graphic than usual, with guys portraying truncheon-wielding Chinese police pretending to beat women spattered with fake blood.

Limo crash at HarvardWhere it got really weird was the limo crashed into the gate just across from Cambridge Common. The roof was severely blackened, one of the windows was melted out, and it was still smoking and giving off an awful smell, despite the two trucks worth of fire fighters dousing it. The picture I hurriedly snapped doesn’t do the scene justice, but if you know this gate, you know that it could not have been easy to get a limo into this position on this street going fast enough to explode after hitting the gate. Lots of onlookers and other sickos like me snapping pictures. What else are you supposed to do?

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  1. Hi Ezra,

    The bride from the fire commented my blog and asked for pictures for her album. I suggested you as well. Wanna help get her a refund from the limo company?

    Follow up post on the limo fire.


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