Pope Yes!

I have no special feeling for the pontiff, but I am actually pretty happy that the pope managed to hang on until midnight.

You see, a friend’s stepdad has this schtick about calling the fried chicken chain “Popeyes” “Pope Yes”. They’re basically spelled the same way, just with an extra space, and the type on the logo has a very pronounced “y”. So I have a long-running schtick with him and his wife about opening a fast food chain that serves chicken and has a pope theme (e.g., hands out miters to kids instead of crowns).

So, what with Frank Perdue dying today, and the pope receiving last rites, if both died in the same day, I was taking it as a sign from God to quit my job and start this chicken chain. But really, i don’t want a chicken chain, so I was happy he hung on until after midnight. Though, as Amy pointed out during dinner, it was already past midnight in popeland, so I’ve been out of the woods for several hours. A happy serendipitous series of events led to our having dinner with Amy & Doug at the West Side Lounge tonight, which was lovely. Now cats are scratching, and I’m drooping.

2 thoughts on “Pope Yes!”

  1. Yeah, I can’t imagine that Terri would be thrilled with the idea of owning a chicken restaurant. Best that things happened as they did.

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