Reentry & disorientation

Haven’t felt quite myself since we got back from France, in ways that can’t entirely be explained by jetlag. Or maybe I do feel like myself, and I have returned to find that someone named Ezra has been writing apologias for fast food corporations in my blog, and works at this ridiculous company where people send out goodbye emails as unironic haiku about the freaking Lion King (I couldn’t make this up).

I also didn’t realize how much I miss the sis until I got to hang out with her for a couple days. Which sounds funny because of how infrequently we saw each other in practice even when we lived in the same city. But true. Also made me miss the bro and the belle soeur all the more because we got their exciting news and accompanying ultrasound in an email while we were in Monaco.

And what the hell happened to the Sox while we weren’t looking? Fights, suspensions, and the geriatric pitchers going on the DL.

I need a drink. Still regret not picking some up in Prague last fall.

3 thoughts on “Reentry & disorientation”

  1. I just realized — that’s the second weird companywide email mentioning the Lion King.

    But what I originally wanted to say:

    A coworker leaves
    But first: a cloying haiku
    Good riddance, weirdo

  2. Trixie: the guy who sits to the right of me noted that the offending “poet” is as incoherent as the real Bob Dylan (birth name: Robert Zimmerman).

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