They’ll need a Crane

crane's beachThe Dark Mistress of All Things Dub and I went to Crane’s beach in Ipswitch yesterday. Gorgeous, gorgeous weather. We did a lot of walking and photosnapping around the dunes.

I’ve never really found a beach that I feel like is my beach, but Crane’s Beach was very nice. I don’t know what it’s like in the summer, but the beach itself was beautiful, and on the walking trails through the dunes, we hardly saw another soul. A notable exception was the couple with the golden retriever that called out to us from a fair distance “does this trail go to the beach?” We weren’t entirely sure how far it was, but I was at the top of a pretty big hill, and it looked to be a mile or so away. I called back that I didn’t know, but it was in that direction. The woman huffed and said “yeah, we know” and turned and started walking away. I think golden retrievers are beautiful dogs, and I feel bad for them, because so many people I see with golden retrievers seem like completely shallow shits. The kind of people who get mad that the beach isn’t closer.