Free advice for free music

Here are some links to some recommended free music.

I found them through Salon’s Audiofile column which concentrates on free samples of mostly indie stuff. I almost never agree with the Thomas Bartlett, the writer’s, opinions and I hate much of his writing (particularly odious was his review of the Interpol Radio City show). But it’s a useful source of free new stuff.

First recommendation: “Reflections after Jane“, Clientele. I tend to dislike things that are just period pieces, and this is so very soaked in 60′s Britain (or worse, 80′s Britain imitating 60′s Britain) that it’s almost a little too cute. But it’s really good at capturing a certain mood that I think is a little more timeless than just a set of musical influences. And I can’t get it out of my head. My brain consistently confounds “Clinic” and “Clientele“, and I’ve never cared enough to try too hard; maybe I’ll be able to keep them straight now.

Second recommendation: “Train from Kansas City“, Neko Case. I’m not a full-time Neko Case fan, though Terri will verify that I have been known to belt out The New Pornographers’ “Letter From An Occupant” at frightening volume in the car. I like this, though. I like the Wall of Sound production, I like how the song itself is like one of those 70′s country story songs.