Rainy planet weekend

It’s been a rainy planet weekend. The weather has been rainy, and it recalls the weather of the original rainy May days when Terri and I became friends, many a year ago, which we called the Rainy Planet. (Yes, hence the name we’re using for the press). In fact, one of those rainy days we hung out was the day of the Kentucky Derby, as was this past Saturday. We were supposed to go to my friends Kelly & Brecky’s derby party (they’re from Louisville), and I got confused about which Beacon Street it was on. I assumed Somerville, since they lived in Somerville; in fact, it was Beacon Street in Boston. So we ended up walking around in the rain back and forth down Beacon Street in Somerville, and we eventually just gave up and went (I think) to the Thirsty Scholar. Anyway, that was 1997. Fast forward to the rainy planet of 2005.

Friday night we scrambled to get a bit of gardening in. We had some flowers that really needed to get in the ground, and the forecast for the whole weekend was rain. So Terri did some clearing & weeding in the afternoon, and when I got home from work, we just beat the sunset and the impending raindrops.

The main innovation is that we are sort of reclaiming the sort of no-man’s land which we haven’t messed with because it’s hard to tell where the property line is. But our neighbors rent and don’t really keep it up, and it visually looks like it should go with our place. So, we’re just going to start taking care of it. What’s the worst that can happen? We basically just pulled up some weeds, planted some cleome, and put down some mulch, leaving the lilies, irises, and tulips that were already there.

Saturday, we took another trip through inclement weather to Chicopee Mass. to Letterpress Things. John had an impressive amount of new equipment (well, none of it’s new) that was there on consignnment from someone’s Kelsey shop. There were hundreds of cases of type, three presses, and lots of interesting ephemera and oddities, all practically brand new. Seemed like someone bought a bunch of stuff with good intentions, and never really used it. We ended up with four new cases of type, some decorations and borders, and some new plates. Still no great source for rollers. John mentioned a New England company which he is trying to talk into taking orders from small shops and hobbyists. But in the meantime, I’m getting a little impatient with an idle press. I was hoping for rubber, but honestly, I’m just thinking of getting them recovered with the old-school “composition” stuff from Tar Heel Rollers.

This afternoon, I’m going to run a few things the tedious hand-inking way.