Memorial day, 2005

We spent the better part of Memorial Day weekend in the bathroom together. It’s just the kind of incurable romantics we are.

Well, we were actually just doing the first serious home improvement project we’ve done since before we moved in. We painted the bathroom and replaced one of the two lighting fixtures. I spent most of today in a small room huffing paint fumes, and I have this incredible urge to listen to Ween for the rest of the night. Changing the light fixture was easier than I thought. I have a healthy aversion to any project in which the worst case scenario is electrocution, but, honestly, the hardest part was figuring out which circuit breaker the lights were on. The rest is just hooking up the wires.

Probably the nicest thing that we did was to take out the cruddy shutters that were up in the window. They were actually unopenable because of their proximity to the shower curtain rail, so the window, by extension, was also unopenable.

We took a break for dinner last night while one round of paint dried to meet up with Amy & Doug at the Elephant Walk. It’s kind of crazy that I’d never been there before, it being so close, and the French Cambodian cuisine being as appealing as it sounds. We actually went to that address many times in the early days of the Terri & Ezra Show, when Finnegan’s Wake, the erstwhile pub, was in that location. I had this amazing Cambodian beef tips thing that I can’t stop thinking about. I woke up this morning craving it for breakfast. Terri also enjoyed the vegetarian dish she had.

Saw the new Star Wars one more time on Friday. The second time around, the stuff that made me cringe stood out a little more. But overall, if you can get past the first hour, it’s actually pretty good. The point where Anakin turns bad is pretty much where it starts getting interesting. If I were the age I was when Empire Strikes Back came out, I think I could be much more forgiving.