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My apologies for any interruptions or weirdness my RSS feed has caused your reader of late, but I’ve switched the blog from Movable Type to WordPress. I *think* all the things I needed to fix to keep people from getting broken links have been fixed (redirected the old RSS URL to its new home, made sure the links to individual items that Google knows about are still working and don’t look too bad, etc.)

The new site is still somewhat under construction and is definitely a little more stripped down than I intend, but it’s at least functional. I intended the cutover to be a little smoother, but a series of unrelated events led me to accidentally delete the old Movable Type blog.

I’m going with WordPress because

  1. I’m sick sick sick of comment spam!
  2. My ISP has an easy installer for WordPress & I was able to import all the content from MT— including comments— in about 15 minutes.
  3. WordPress is free
  4. WordPress is easier to customize & hack (e.g. it actually has an idea of a theme, and the design (design in the software sense) is sane: not Perl CGIs that write HTML files: blech!.
  5. WordPress has more plugins & a better user/developer community.

2 thoughts on “Blog administrivia”

  1. woohoo!

    not that you’re going to need any help, but i’ve gotten moderately deep into the guts of wp. (the downside is i’ve messed with my install enough that i can’t easily upgrade anymore.) but if you find yourself wondering how to make it do something (or not do something) i might have a quick answer, either playing w/in the rules, or breaking them.

  2. Cool. I may take you up on that.

    I’ve also found two nice little perks that, while they didn’t seal the deal, were nice little extras. First, you can easily get an RSS feed of the comments. Second, if you link to an MP3 file, the RSS 2.0 feed automatically creates an enclosure. Instant podcast!

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