Day Game

Fenway ParkI’ve been remiss in posting an update of our trek to the day game against Oakland on Wednesday.

It was a perfect spring day at Fenway; the game was a little more interesting than it should have been. In the 9th inning, one strike away from a save despite giving up two runs, and the entire crowd cheering him on, Keith Foulke gave up a 2 run home run to Eric Byrnes, putting the Sox behind. He was rightly booed after finally finishing up the inning. With Varitek’s walk-off 2-run home run the next half-inning, you pretty much couldn’t ask for more from a game drama-wise. Which on one hand is not good, because what is up with Foulke?!, but on the other hand is good, since we’ve only managed to get tickets to two games this season, so they’d better be memorable! The next one comes in June, when my cousins are coming up from the ‘Burgh to see the Pirates in inter-league play. So it will no doubt be fun, regardless of how good the game is.

A couple of baseball-related links before signing off.

First, since Terri’s veg, and has pretty dismal options for snacking at Fenway, a recent post in the Food Museum Blog reminds us that it doesn’t need to be that way, especially for an otherwise vegetarian-friendly town like Boston. The veg options at SBC park seem tasty enough that even I, a devotee of the Lord’s hot dog, would be tempted.

Second, I’ve often had difficulty in identifying the song clips played before the batters step up to the plate. I need wonder no more, thanks to this thing which Terri pointed out to me today. [For the record, I did correctly identify that Bill Mueller’s at-bat song was Rush the other day…

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