Free advice for free music

Here are some links to some recommended free music.

I found them through Salon’s Audiofile column which concentrates on free samples of mostly indie stuff. I almost never agree with the Thomas Bartlett, the writer’s, opinions and I hate much of his writing (particularly odious was his review of the Interpol Radio City show). But it’s a useful source of free new stuff.

First recommendation: “Reflections after Jane“, Clientele. I tend to dislike things that are just period pieces, and this is so very soaked in 60′s Britain (or worse, 80′s Britain imitating 60′s Britain) that it’s almost a little too cute. But it’s really good at capturing a certain mood that I think is a little more timeless than just a set of musical influences. And I can’t get it out of my head. My brain consistently confounds “Clinic” and “Clientele“, and I’ve never cared enough to try too hard; maybe I’ll be able to keep them straight now.

Second recommendation: “Train from Kansas City“, Neko Case. I’m not a full-time Neko Case fan, though Terri will verify that I have been known to belt out The New Pornographers’ “Letter From An Occupant” at frightening volume in the car. I like this, though. I like the Wall of Sound production, I like how the song itself is like one of those 70′s country story songs.

One thought on “Free advice for free music”

  1. Thomas Bartlett’s review is also incorrect… well, sort of. Interpol did sell out two night’s at the Brixton Academy. The capacity there is closer to 5,000, admittedly, but they’re pretty popular in the UK. The Brixton dates were only about a month after the Radio City shows. To say that they border on comatose… this guy obviously never went to a Low show in the 90s. (And I’m not dissing on those Low shows… but in comparison Interpol are a circus act.)

    I had basically forgotten about the Clientele. I’ll have to give that song you found a listen.

    And you said you’d never tell about the car…

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