Limo fire from other witnesses

Looks like some other bloggers saw the limo fire I mentioned yesterday, but nobody seems to have found out what actually happened.

I’m not ready to form a conspiracy theory yet, because generally fires and car accidents aren’t news. It was a weird fire, though.

One thought on “Limo fire from other witnesses”

  1. Jake,

    I agree. I sent e-mail yesterday to The Crimson:

    and NECN. I’ve also updated them about you and Michael.

    Lisa Williams picked Micheal and me up and posted to her local news blog:

    Crimson doesn’t publish over the weekend, but there should be an update by tomorrow morning. I hear they are working on a story.

    I don’t know if I said it as well as I could have in my blog. I saw the flames for a few seconds. It was quite spectacular. The bed of flames I thought I saw is consistent with the entire interior of the limo being on fire simultaneously. If the origin of the fire was not an explosion as Michael’s son thought, it definitely was very fast moving.

    I hung around until they hauled the burned limo up on a flatbed and looked carefully at the debris left behind. There did not appear to be anything unexpected there.

    I’m going to keep my eye on this. There were a lot of people around. Lots of them had cameras and were using them. It is just a matter of getting them together. The police probably gathered together and interviewed a number of witnesses. Were the interviewees sworn to secrecy “for the greater good?” We might not know unless we know.


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