Limo Fire, part 4: the bride!

I know I said I’d shut up about this, but it just got more interesting.

The bride who was in the limo which caught fire in front of Johnson Gate at Harvard commented in my blog and in least one other about what happened:

I was the bride in the limo, and just saw your blog when I was doing a search about the incident. We were never interviewed by the police, so I’m not sure if there is any investigation going on. The limo company has done NOTHING to address the situation. The didn’t even send back up transportation to get us to the reception! Everyone was fine, but all my bridesmaids’ things (in the trunk) were ruined, and our lives were all at risk. I feel worst for my bridesmaid who was 8 months pregnant, and for my 3 year old flower girl, and for my poor parents.

It’s pretty lame of the limo company. According to what she wrote in Randy’s blog, the limo company’s name was Discover Boston. Randy is rustling up a posse to pressure the limo company to make it up to the newlyweds.

If anyone from Discover Boston finds this, would you care to present your side of the story?

One thought on “Limo Fire, part 4: the bride!”

  1. Hi Ezra and Carrie,

    Thanks for the “rustling up” link. As I said, we need for Carrie to tell us which website is the “Discover Boston” that she hired. [Google gives several choices.] We can start a media campaign. I will, of course, begin with the Crimson. Much as I’d like to do this all in the blogosphere, I think Hank Philippi Ryan can help.

    I will raise the issue of investigation with the Cambridge City Council. They know me.


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