Rainy Planet Press

The press lives!

Well, sort of. I had to fake it. I’ve still not been able to either buy new rollers or re-cover my existing (but moldy (ick) and deteriorated) rollers. So I bought a hand brayer and used that to ink the type. I just made a dumb little test thing, but I’m happy with the result. It looks like a Chance card from Monopoly.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Planet Press”

  1. Yes, I did it on the press!

    It’s not an ideal setup, but I inked the type with a hand roller, since I haven’t been able to get the rollers re-covered. So it’s a little inconvenient to ink the type (which is supposed to happen automatically), and the inking doesn’t come out quite as even as it should. But it mostly works.

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