The perks of living near a university

When we were looking for a place to get takeout the other night, we stumbled across the fantastic dining section, which has scanned menus, ratings, payment options, and hours (it even has a handy “current status” thing in the listings, in case you’re too drunk/stoned to figure out whether a place is currently open from seeing its hours).

So that’s a nice little thing that the students have built for us.

Another nice little thing the students have done for us this past week is that they’ve gone home for the summer! Hooray! Sing it with me! “Schooooooool’s out! for! ever!!!”

(In case you’re curious about dinner, we tried East Asia; Terri reports.)

Where we’ll never grow old

There are two nice little perks to my conversion to WordPress that you RSS users may notice. First, you can subscribe to an RSS feed of the comments on the blog. I like this on other peoples’ blogs, because I tend to comment and then forget to check back to see if anyone replied to my comments. This lets the comments come to you.

The second is that any mp3 file I link to automatically gets an enclosure tag in the RSS feed, which means that if your RSS reader supports it, you probably have a very easy mechanism to download it. If we were ever to resurrect the Terri & Ezra internet radio show, this would probably be the easiest way to do it.

So, to test it out, here’s a Carter Family track I listened to on the walk home from work today. You can sort of be guilt-free about it, too, since it sort of maybe belongs to all of us now.