We’re open: would you like a flashlight?

My office is situated between the Kendall and Central red line stops; it’s a few minutes’ walk closer to Kendall, so I take that stop unless there’s something I’m doing that involves the slightly more hip and bustling and still-sketchy-despite-gentrification Central square. Despite how sucky Kendall Drug was, I used to use it to pick up sundries before work. It seems to have closed sometime in the past couple of weeks. So, tonight, I walked to Central to go to Walgreen’s.

Well, apparently, due to exploding manhole covers, the power was out in Central Square, and a huge area of Mass Ave. was completely closed. But Walgreen’s was open, but someone greeted me to let me know that it was cash-only, and to offer me a flashlight. I chose to go it in the dark. Very odd experience walking through a large drug store completely dark except for what sunlight streamed in from the front, completely quiet except for voices from distant isles.

I’d have taken pictures, but, well, the store was completely dark. I bet you can imagine this one pretty successfully without photographic aid.