New Star Wars vs. old Star Wars

Neal Stephenson in the NYT:

Ever since I saw the movie, I have been annoying friends with a trivia question: “Who is the enemy? What organization owns this vessel?”

We ought to know. In 1977, we all knew who owned the Death Star (the Empire) and who owned the Millennium Falcon (Han Solo). But when I ask my question about the new film, everyone reacts in the same way: with a sudden intake of breath and a sideways dart of the eyes, followed by lengthy cogitation. …

…These newer films don’t even pretend to tell the whole story; they are akin to PowerPoint presentations that summarize the main bullet points from a much more comprehensive body of work developed by and for a geek subculture.

Letterpress Blog

Since the letterpress world largely still communicates through listserv, I decided the world needs a new letterpress blog, so that’s where I’m going to be posting news of my letterpress and other posts of general letterpress interest in the future.

The two items of note: last week, my re-covered rollers came in, making the press more or less fully operational, and this Wednesday, I got a demo of a Versalaser, which I’m hoping will be an option for making custom plates.