Christopher Lydon’s new show

[This post to be read while listening to the terrific Dresden Dolls song about being infatuated with Christopher Lydon.]

So, I have mixed feelings about the guy. His $230,000 salary, which became public after his acrimonious rift with WBUR, made it clear that I need my money more than WBUR does. So that until my own salary hits that mark, I probably won’t be responding to any pledge drives. Even when I hit the big time, until they stop running Dunkin’ Donuts ads, I’d sooner write out a big fat check to WFNX (which would be the only radio station I dislike more than WBUR). Even when he hosted The Connection, I couldn’t decide whether he was just an intolerable blowhard or an intolerable blowhard who put out an extremely interesting radio show.

You can decide for yourself, because he’s back on the air with a show called Open Source on WGBH. Or even better, the new version of iTunes has it in the podcast directory (finding it there is what inspired me to post this to begin with).

I know this is not exactly a ringing endorsement– it’s not really supposed to be. As ambivalent as I am about the man himself and about the show itself, I still find it worth listening to. As an example, I never thought I’d hear anything intelligent about fan fiction, but there it is.

2 thoughts on “Christopher Lydon’s new show”

  1. Dude, FNX has changed (back) over the past couple of years. Not only that, I went to high school with Mindich’s two stepsons; they’re good people. What do you have against FNX? Also, what is your favourite radio station?

  2. I do sort of like the Leftover Lunch, which is occasionally turned on in my office. However, for the most part, I generally loathe the cranked-up sound quality, the “alternative”-labelled arena rock, and … I just hate them.

    There’s no shortage of good radio on the lower end of the dial in Boston, though. I can generally find something pretty interesting on one of the college stations or one of the two public radio stations.

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