Santorum vs. the National Weather Service

Sure, liberals are going to get their dander up about Rick Santorum. But, part of why I believe Santorum is toast is that I also believe that if you are an honest to goodness Real Conservative, Santorum should have your Spidey sense tingling, too.

For example, check out this insane bill that he’s proposed, which is basically meant to keep the National Weather Service from providing services that for-profit (and State College, Pennsylvania-based) AccuWeather also provide. Now, note that he’s not proposing something wacky but that you might actually be able to make a Real Conservative argument for, like dissolving the NWS, bastion of big government that it is. He’s talking about making sure that a private entity, which uses NWS data to create its products is not undercut by the NWS itself. As the Slate article I linked to above points out:

One possibile response is that it isn’t true—that AccuWeather might be mildly inconvenienced by the government’s dissemination of weather information, but that consumers will always want AccuWeather’s prettier weather maps. If it turned out that the federal government was withholding vital weather information from AccuWeather to such an extent that the company couldn’t make its prettier maps, the true free-market solution would be for AccuWeather to start collecting its own damn data—not for AccuWeather to go crying to Santorum for legislative relief.

What can you do? Write your senator about this!!!