Exquisite Corpse needs encouragement

The last several years, I’ve made three starts at creating a web-based version of Exquisite Corpse. I generally get bogged down because you can’t really make a web game without also creating a whole registration & authentication system, which is just too close to my real job to not fill me with exquisite loathing. But I think such an online game would be fun, so I keep starting it and then trickling off as it becomes tedious. My most recent stab started about a month and a half ago, and derailed about three weeks ago. So I’m hoping that letting people know that I have this in the works might encourage you to encourate me. So if you think this would be fun, please encourage me to do this, either in an email or in the comments or the next time you see me in person.

ps: My original idea was actually to make an online version of “I’m not the only dust my mother raised,” which is a game that my friend Greg and I invented in high school, which is like Exquisite Corpse, only competitive. (How can a surrealist game be competitive, you ask. Trust me, there was little that Greg and I did not make competitive.)