Exquisite Corpse needs encouragement

The last several years, I’ve made three starts at creating a web-based version of Exquisite Corpse. I generally get bogged down because you can’t really make a web game without also creating a whole registration & authentication system, which is just too close to my real job to not fill me with exquisite loathing. But I think such an online game would be fun, so I keep starting it and then trickling off as it becomes tedious. My most recent stab started about a month and a half ago, and derailed about three weeks ago. So I’m hoping that letting people know that I have this in the works might encourage you to encourate me. So if you think this would be fun, please encourage me to do this, either in an email or in the comments or the next time you see me in person.

ps: My original idea was actually to make an online version of “I’m not the only dust my mother raised,” which is a game that my friend Greg and I invented in high school, which is like Exquisite Corpse, only competitive. (How can a surrealist game be competitive, you ask. Trust me, there was little that Greg and I did not make competitive.)

8 thoughts on “Exquisite Corpse needs encouragement”

  1. Do I need to put my encouragement here? OK… ENCOURAGEMENT. Maybe Greg needs something to do on whatever island he’s on at the moment.

  2. Oh, and I didn’t know your latest attempt was derailed. Was it really three weeks ago? It seems like you were working on it more recently than that.

  3. I guess it was two weeks ago when I stopped working on it. Probably a week before the PA trip. But and I’ve found that for personal software projects (as in many other things) once a hiatus goes on long enough, that’s equivalent to a derailing. Hence my mentioning it here, which is a heretofore untried way of preventing a derailing.

    Doug, I got as far as actually having a login mechanism, and was about to get on with a registration, but what sort of stopped me was the realization that what I also wanted was a place to have background chatter. And there is just no way on earth that I am writing my own bulletain board or forum software. So what I’m thinking of doing now is just installing PhpBB, and use its user tables. But if that turns out to be cumbersome, I may take you up on your offer…

  4. Ok, PhpBB is definitely going to be OK. Some more customization is in order, especially for all the default messages, but it’s up and running. Here. (In other words, registering for a forum now will create the login that you will eventually be able to use for Exquisite Corpse. Get your low IDs now!).

  5. Trixie– you sort of nailed one of my big inspirations here, even though EC will be nothing like KOL.

    KOL’s DIY ethic always makes me feel like “hey, I could do this”. And its permanent “work-in-progress” status is also inspirational, because the idea of having to release something polished is one of those perennial deraillers. Or derailleurs.

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