Mass Liberals against Slick Rick

Ok, I have not ridden the political steed for some time. But, by God, I have despised Rick Santorum since the first time I saw him, and as a former Pennsylvanian, I see it as my duty to do whatever I can to make him lose his senate seat in the upcoming election. Which is possible.

I saw him in person in 1993 when he was just a representative for the Mt. Lebanon area, when I worked for the now-defunct In Pittsburgh newsweekly (a weekly “alternative” paper far superior to the irksome Boston Phoenix, in my humble and biased opinion). I was working on a story on what would become of the Perot voters after the 1992 election, and Santorum was addressing a post-Perot “United We Stand America” group. All I remember was being utterly stunned that this young guy could stand up deliver a passionate rant about how the biggest threat to the Republic was pregnant Mexican women illegally crossing the border to sign up for welfare and steal healthcare. Honest, kids, I couldn’t make that up. (The second-most stunning thing being how the Perot-ites were eating it up; it sort of made the latent xenophobia and racism of Perot’s anti-NAFTA stance (remember the “giant sucking sound”?) come into sharp focus).

Anyway, I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do yet, but it is my next cause. I mean, if we can’t get a complete nutcase out of office, I’m giving up and joining the Republicans.

2 thoughts on “Mass Liberals against Slick Rick”

  1. I saw Slick Rick on the Daily Show last week and he annoyed me to no end, even though Jon Stewart threw him what I considered to be a number of softball questions. He (Santorum) did nothing but stay on message, to the point that he was actually contradicting his message. What can we do to stop him in Pa.?

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