Welcome to Earth

Holy shit, is Google Earth cool. Oh my. A wee bit frightening in many respects. But, oh my. I just mapped out the drive I’m going to do this Friday, from Somerville to my parents’ farm in Pennsylvania. You can see their swimming pool. And you can get driving directions, hit ‘play’, and get a beautifully rendered scenic view of each step of the whole the 9:49 hour drive. I’ve only made it as far as I-84 before losing patience. I mean, I already have to do the whole drive in reality.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Earth”

  1. No doubt Google Earth is “teh shiny”. I’m waiting to see how long it takes for grassroots political pressure to build for governments to relase more data google so that your neighborhood is rendered in the same loving detail as the next town over. It’s a whole new space for the Chamber of Commerce to practice aggressive boosterism

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