Lest anyone think I’m bluffing in my threat of a few days ago to go Republican, my first issue of the Wall Street Journal came yesterday. Would I be subscribing if I had not gotten a notice from the United frequent flyer program that my miles are expiring and that I could convert them into magazine/newspaper subscriptions? Probably not. But I’ve always liked the WSJ. As much as I loathe the opinion pages, particularly their solidarity with the more religious elements of the Republican party and other things that a Real Conservative should have no truck with, I think their news coverage is quite refreshing, often pretty offbeat, and often full of things that Real Liberals should care more about. Some examples from yesterday’s papers include Mall cops’ somewhat dubious anti-terrorist training, a new stock exchange for Kuwaiti women (apparently, even a segregated trading floor is progress), and an update on the trial of someone involved with the Daniel Pearl murder. (Daniel Pearl himself being a pretty good example of the more liberal journalist types who are part of the WSJ’s news organization).

That said, while their online subscription business might be profitable, their utter invisibility to any major search engine makes me think that there is a huge boat they’ve missed. I had no way of even linking to excerpts of any of those articles above, and instead linked to at least one competitor.

It’s also nice to read something that’s not on a damn computer screen.

2 thoughts on “WSJ”

  1. I’m not going to lie to you, I was afraid you had perhaps gone to the darkside when I saw your Journal sitting on our porch the other morning. That said, I think their technology coverage is excellent (I hope William Bulkeley is reading this) and I do enjoy the “quirky” stories.

  2. Hang on… I need to start reading your blog more regularly. You are NOT going Republican (no matter how much you would benefit their cause). Don’t give the wife heart palpitations! At the same time, it’s nice to know that you do enjoy life offline.

    Oh… and if anyone cares, I did not endorse the WSJ subscription–in fact, I didn’t even know about it until the first one arrived at our door.

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