You take them both, and there you have…

It’s been a whirlwind weekend, not so much because it was chock full of good things, but rather, things both good and bad.

Bad: My glasses broke Saturday afternoon in a way that made repair impossible. My only backup was one pair of daily disposable contact lenses, which expired in 2003. We had just been preparing to leave the house, so our first stop was Parrelli Optical in Porter Square. Good sub-item: they were open. Bad sub-item 1: They wouldn’t sell me contacts since it’s been several years since my last checkup. Bad sub-item 2: No doctors were there to get an emergency check-up. Bad sub-item 3: They dropped my vision insurance plan (VSP) and I had to find a new eye doctor.

Good: We were headed to the Cambridgeside Galleria anyway, to go to the Apple Store, and there was indeed a VSP eye doctor located there who had a cancellation for 4:30pm. I took them up on it, and got a trial pair of contacts, and ordered a pair of glasses. I was hoping for a big fat Le Corbusier-style pair, but the pair I found were much along the lines of the old ones.

Good: I finally got the new PowerBook!

Bad: I haven’t had much time to play with it because…

Bad: I had to work most of Sunday on a project from Dullsville and I’m not even totally out of the woods yet.

Good: As Terri reported so well, we saw Of Montreal at the Middle East on Sunday night.

Bad: It was an all-ages show, and they were only intermittently enforcing the no-beer-in-the-main-area thing, so I did not realize this because nobody stopped us from bringing back our beers at first. When I went to get refills, I bought two, thinking I was stocking up for the rest of the night, since we were standing right in front of the stage, Terri’s fancy new camera in hand. Security guy stopped me. I made the less-than-good decision to just chug them both, despite having just had one, and I guess I should count the couple I had with dinner… I tell you, I have not been so violently and copiously ill (to quote Vyvian) in years.

Good: Again, I’m very happy with the new ‘Book! I may go into it in more detail when I’m not so witheringly tired.