Dream locations

The recurring dreams I’ve had in the last 5 years or so aren’t really situational or plotted, but instead are just distinct and dreamlike locations.

  • Last night featured The Himalayas. Terri and I are looking down from above an impossibly high mountain range. We’re not in a plane but we’re not flying ourselves. There are lots of eagles around, and the motion of the flight is what you’d think it would be if you were riding a bird, but it doesn’t feel like we’re riding a bird. The overall feeling is cold and clean and exciting. We’re travelling to get somewhere, but taking our time. We stop for a break at an ancient but very active rest stop which is also a retreat center. Here, what’s going on varies. Once it was a retreat with a Dalai Lama-ish buddhist leader with a handful of handlers and dozens of disciples. But there’s usually a phone call or a visit from someone in our family. Last night, Terri’s parents were there, figuring that except for our trip, there would be little other reason for them to ever visit the Himalayas.
  • An early variation of The Himalayas was The Mountain Ranges of Iowa, where Terri and I would be headed to some sort of major college football game at some mammoth midwestern land grant university, and would quit our jobs and drive on interstate highways through this enormous mountain range, which was supposed to be in Iowa.
  • Then there’s the decaying science center. I drive up to a big, flat building in 70′s style, and go in to meet a friend who’s some sort of biologist there. There is supposed to be cutting edge science going on there, but the place looks like it’s sort of old and somewhat gone to seed. The equipment is not new, and it’s definitely pre-digital. It exists in sort of a Wes Anderson time. There are rooms and rooms of aquariums, many of them empty and some filled with nothing but algal water. The dreams are usually filled just walking through the rooms and looking at the variety of unusual living things in tanks.
  • I almost hesitate to include the mall, because it hasn’t shown up in so long, but for a period, I spent many a night stuck in the world’s largest and most boring mall.
  • The last one I’ll save for sometime when I’m feeling more confessional.

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  1. Here’s a new one for you… last night I had a dream that I was at someone’s house with a bunch of people who I think were supposed to be my co-workers (though I think Kim was there, too), and we were laying the groundwork for starting an ice hockey team… and I was going to play on this team and I was laughing because I can hardly even skate.

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