I have been slack in reporting what a fabulous dinner Editrix and Mr. Villain provided us with Saturday. Veggie lasagna, spinach strudel, fab salad— it would have been two fabulous dinners, except it was all at once. We listened to the Red Sox win on the radio (yay!). Sunday, Simi and Ezra made us a lovely turkish thing whose name I forget and a salad built (partially) from garden produce. We watched the Steelers lose to the damn Patriots on TV (boo!). We also played speed Scrabble, and Simi also gave us a heads up on Web Boggle. We used to play this fun web boggle game in the early days of the T&E Show in 1997, which were also the youthful days of web games; Parker Brothers shut it down, even though it was just some poor Stanford CS student’s grad school project and he wasn’t making a nickel from it.