Not psychic enough? Or TOO psychic?

Yesterday I was standing in line at the José’s truck near the MIT bio building at lunch yesterday, and an asian woman wearing a Baby Björn came by handing out flyers that said “Do You Believe in The Sixth Sense”. She handed one to each of the two guys standing in front of me, got to me, looked me up and down, and went to the next person in line, and handed them a flier.

What the hell? Am I that un-psychic looking? I knew you were going to pass me by, Baby Björn Lady, that’s how psychic I am!

Well, today on my way to the bank, someone else thought so, Baby Björn Lady. She gave me one of your “Sixth Sense” flyers. “We are all spriritual beings!” indeed! See if I use the “Park Street” subway station to go to your “Boston Family Church”.