One thought on “Orhan Pamuk vs. Turkey”

  1. I believe he deserves a judgment but of course it should not be 3 years jail. Nobody can change people’s beliefs with force. However, What Orhan Pamuk said was not accordingly facts and he deserves a judgement. What he thinks he is to talk about my country where there is no fact. Plus, easy to say Turks killed 1m Armanien. Where is answer of WHY?? If they were killed does anybody asks why??? Armenians were the of the biggest danger in Turkey. Many times they associated with European countries against Turks.

    There is nothing normal than to kill your enemies who tries to kill you before they do.

    Orhan Pamuk wants to get a big success for his novel and he knows that it will come from European countries and he is just trying to show off to them. Just like, Kurds who doesn’t have any problem in Turkey but immigrates to EU countries saying Turkey torches them, just get free income from EU governments. Just to live a bit better.

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