I’m going to paint a seven!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t occasionally entertained by a celebrity sighting, and the more unlikely the celebrity, the better.

So, Friday, Terri and I were having dinner at Panificio in Beacon Hill. A white-haired man a couple of tables over seemed sort of familiar. I looked at him a bit more, and realized that he was faux-Brit Mr. Bentley from television’s popular series The Jeffersons, 30 years later. (You may also remember him from such films as Waiting for Guffman and as the guy who painted numbers on Sesame Street; his name is Paul Benedict).

According to the IMDB, he now lives in Martha’s Vineyard. I gotta say, if there’s one place in Boston where Mr. Bentley would show up, it’s Beacon Hill.

I slipped Terri a note when he went to the bathroom: “That guy is Mr. Bentley from The Jeffersons.” I could tell she neither believed me nor saw who I was talking about, but when she looked up, there he was on his way back.

“You’re going to write a post about this, aren’t you?” she said.

3 thoughts on “I’m going to paint a seven!”

  1. Wow, Paul Benedict! That is a huge sighting. Last year during the DNC, boston.com was running readers’ “celebrity sightings,” and I wanted to see if they would publish my faux sighting. I sent them daily notes that I had seen Paul Benedict on one of those old-fashioned bicycles with the one big wheel near Powderhouse Circle. Despite my efforts, they did not publish mine.

  2. Ha! That is really funny!

    Now, it’s strange that you mention those old-fashioned bicycles. Earlier the very day that we saw him, Terri and I were talking about that turn-of-the-twentieth-century style that was popular in the 70′s. You know, old-fashioned bicycles with one big wheel, curliqued letters, handlebar mustaches, etc.

    And for some reason, when we saw him, we both thought “well, speaking of that style…”. What is it about him that reminded us of that style? The moustache he had on the Jeffersons? Was he in some movie where he rode one of those bikes? Or was it just that jerky silent movie style in those Sesame Street segments? Any insight?

  3. I believed you. I just thought that you were making a joke–”That guy is Mr. Bentley”–meaning that guy looks like Mr. Bentley. But as soon as I thought that I looked over your shoulder and he was walking up behind you.

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