Recent dreams

  • I’m in a dark room with Dick Cheney, who’s wearing sort of an Elmer Fudd hunting getup. [I'm not making this up, I really dreamed this]. He’s sort of sweating and nervous, not the cool, arrogant, leader of the shadow government we know and love. Someone comes in, and he recoils at the sunlight. It turns out that he’s wherever I am because he came to get help from a friend, because on a hunting trip, he was bitten by a werewolf, and now he’s a werewolf. [It now occurs to me that it should have been a full moon he's afraid of, not sunlight, but it made cinematic sense in the dream]. Well, someone finally opens a window, and that’s it. Hair sprouts, and he becomes more animal than man. He begins going on a rampage, and turning the entire city [here's where it gets a little cartoony] into werewolves. It turns out, I’m sort of like Batman [ok, a lot cartoony], but sometimes I’m also Robin. The Batmobile can fly. Various scenes of chasing werewolves ensue. It all comes down to a showdown at city hall. But I woke up.
  • Iran has launched a nuclear war. [My dreams are not usually this topical, I promise]. Harvard Square is partially underwater. We have to swim to get to the Brattle Theater. Somehow, we don’t mind. It’s a beautiful day, and it’s spring.

Of Montreal @ The Middle East, 5 Mar 2006

I had a much better time at the Of Montreal show last night than I did when we saw them last September, after which, I think I resolved to never see live music of any kind again, but it’s all sort of a haze. But enough of the old. Last night I was in better form.

Terri has lately been taking her big camera to shows and pushing up to the front. She left it at home this time, and it was nice to actually see her during a show. I’m torn because she takes great pictures and is good at staking out her turf at the front of the stage. I just miss her during the show! (The photo above is hers, from the September show).

There was certainly more banter and theatrics and wackiness. Kevin Barnes came onstage in a bridal gown and veil as the rest of the band played the bridal march from Lohengrin, and proceeded to marry the audience. They played a full 45 seconds of “The Final Countdown”. Kevin Barnes played the opening riff from “Sweet Child of Mine” at the beginning of “Chrissy kissed a corpse”. There were probably 4 costume changes.

I’m honestly not that familiar with their earlier, Elephant 6 stuff, but the current incarnation certainly has no trace of that label’s slavish devotion to the 60′s. They’re a lot more like a fun, energetic early 80′s post-punk dance band.

A revelation for both of us was a track from The Sunlandic Twins, “The Repudiated Immortals“, which I hadn’t really taken much notice of before:

The creator of what’s now cliché had some funny words to say
”all you little things are incomplete”
why did he speak of us that way?
I don’t cry not ’cause I don’t care
It’s very hard to feel the way we used to feel up there
The creator of what’s now cliché
Wants us little things to cry and feel alone

But don’t don’t lose hope no no no no
No no no don’t feel sad ’cause it’s a violent world
But there’s still beauty
I’ll take care of you if you take care of me

I didn’t even mind so much that it was an all ages show this time. The perk is that 14 year old girls are easy to see over (though there was this one 6-foot-tall kid with a big ‘fro who was dancing like he was in an iPod commercial who was a bit tough to see over at points). Anyway, I wouldn’t have minded a can of PBR, but I didn’t feel up to fighting our way into the upper bar area.

The opening act, M, did very little for me. Good harmonies. But I couldn’t tell if they wanted to be Bachman, Turner, Overdrive, and Young, or Lynyrd Skynyrd. Though they were wearing black suits and scruffy beards. I just couldn’t quite figure out what they were getting at.